Welcome to Serenity Calling ~ "A Brand For Enlightened Living" ~
Locally and Globally Spreading a positive Message of Serenity as a Way of Life.
Globally representing a line of products that evoke Serenity and Enlightened Living.
Based in Southern California, Serenity Calling brings together like minded people who are all on a journey towards spiritual enlightenment.
On a local level, Serenity Calling hosts a private group that offers its Members exclusive space for intuitive readings, energetic body work, meditations and rituals, discussion groups, and spiritual events.
We also offer special sourcing to clients looking for rare, hard to find, or specific minerals and or crystal specimens or spiritual items.

~ Nationally distributed product lines focused on Enlightened Living
~ Robust online community through Social Media Networks
~ National online Radio and TV Shows in Production ~ Coming Soon
~ Secure Online Store with over 4000 products
~ Special Sourcing of Rare or Hard to Find Crystals, Mineral Specimens, Gemstones, or Spiritual Products
~ Members Only Private Group that hosts:
Intuitive Readings ~ Spiritual Guidance ~ Energy Work ~ Healing Modalities ~ Meditations ~ Classes ~ Discussion Groups ~
Charitable and Spiritual Events

At Serenity Calling, we want to encourage you to be your best by offering extensive services for Enlightened Living in a private and serene atmosphere, as well as an online selection of thousands of products for enlightenment. We also offer special sourcing for clients with specific product needs.

Shop online TODAY, or contact us if you are looking for a rare, difficult to find, crystal or spiritual product.

In order to participate in any of our other offerings or events, please email us at [email protected] for a membership application ~ please put "MEMBERSHIP" in the subject heading. Thank you for your interest in Serenity Calling. We look forward to serving all of your enlightenment needs~!



OWNER ~ Gillian Caine


Owner Gillian Caine has also been a student of enlightened living her entire life, and is a gemstone and crystal expert. After over 20 years in television production, Gillian worked with one of the world’s most renowned gemologists and broker of the most significant gemstones in the world. Gillian still finds rare gems for clients on an as needed basis through sister company, Significant Stones. Gillian and Serenity calling are direct importers of extraordinary mineral and crystal specimens, and Gillian travels the world searching for these rare and energetic treasures. It has been a long time dream of Gillian’s to own and operate an Enlightened Living business, and to share her wealth of knowledge with her community, and to uplift and inspire in the process.

Gillian Caine is available for intuitive readings and private consultations for sourcing one of a kind products from around the world. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.


At Serenity Calling, we are proud to employ a like minded, knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous staff that is here to assist you on your journey, and to educate and help you find hope and illumination in the products and services that we offer. All of our unique, one of a kind products have a “story” and when they “speak” to you in some way, then they have come to you to guide you on your path, and to encourage you to manifest your own joyful destiny. Our staff is also here to guide you to the products that embolden you to reconnect with your path and Higher Knowing . We offer wonderfully gifted Intuitives in many different modalities, that are here to assist you further on the journey of growth and enlightenment to truly Conscious Living. Please see our Sessions page for the current schedule of available Intuitives and to place a online booking.