Master Sun

The “Master Sun” is and Extremely Large, Rare, and Energetically Powerful Himalayan Healing Crystal Cluster Specimen with Golden Rutile, and Chlorite Inclusions.

“THE MASTER SUN” ~ Himalayan Crystal Healing Specimen

This is an incredibly rare and energetically powerful mineral specimen unlike anything ever to come out of the high vibration Himalayan Mountains of Himachal Pradesh, Northern India. This extraordinarily rare Himalayan Healing Cluster is not only incredibly beautiful, but also a very powerful healing stone. This optically ice clear specimen is literally filled with sparkling and energetically powerful golden/copper rutile, which is known as the “Manifestation Mineral.”

In addition, this remarkable specimen is also adorned both inside and out with healing bright green chlorite, which is known as the “Master Healing Mineral.” This stunningly bright green chlorite contrasts with the magical array of golden and copper colored rutile inclusions that fill each large crystal, many of which are also double terminated, another energetically powerful rarity. Combine all of these elements, and literally you have one of the most powerful energetic healing specimens on the planet today.

This specimen is a superb example of the optically ice clear, rare, high vibration quartz found in the remote, high altitude, Alpine environment of the Kinnaur district in the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India where it was discovered. However, a geological rarity of this combination has never been previously documented in these blessed regions of India or Nepal. This extremely large 50kg (150lb.) quartz cluster is the most powerful, mineralogical wonder to be brought from the heights of this remote Himalayan region.

Mineral expert, long time student of Quantum Physics, Reiki Master, Gillian Caine has said that “In 30 years of mineral collecting and energy healing, I have never heard of nor seen anything like this come out of this region. This is truly an extraordinary find.