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Gillian is an amazing intuitive using the Tarot. She accurately predicted that I would be offered a spectacular career changing job that would bring me to California. I found that unbelievable at the time, but it happened and I took the job, moved to California and have never been happier! Elsa L. - Los Angeles

I came into Gillian's gallery and at my request she gave me a reading without cards or any aids. She saw that my wife was interested in someone else. She said that my wife had not cheated but was interested. When I confronted my wife with love and compassion about that possibility, she went crazy, and got violent and the following day moved everything out of the house. And what do you know, she WAS interested in someone else and they consummated their relationship after my wife moved out. I was saved so much heartache and drawn out drama by knowing. I am grateful to Gillian for her compassionate intuition. Bob, South Bay

About Gillian Caine


Gillian has been a student of enlightened living her entire life, and is a gemstone and crystal expert. In addition, she has been an intuitive empath since childhood. She really saw her intuitive and specifically her clairaudient ability accelerate when she became enamored with crystals 30 years ago. Her appetite for energy work and healing with crystals was insatiable. She learned everything she could about crystals, their energy and healing properties.

She became a reiki master 20 years ago and has incorporated that healing modality into her practice. She has also been a tarot reader for over 20 years and uses her honed intuitive abilities to get to the heart of your burning questions. She uses divination as a guide to help people stay on the path for their highest spiritual evolution. It is her belief that in every moment we are completely in charge of our life and that includes being in perfect health.

Approximately a year ago Gillian was able to acquire the most significant healing stone on the planet. You can read more about this spectacular stone under the Master Sun section of this site. Once Gillian began working with this miraculous healing mineral, her abilities skyrocketed. She attributes this expansion of consciousness to her connection to this stone and her 30+ years of working with Crystalline Energy.

Gillian is available for Intuitive Tarot readings and or Energetic Healings with the Master Sun Himalayan Quartz Crystal.

The healing energy sessions are done either remotely or in our private location. If you book an in person session, you will be on a massage table next to the Master Sun. Gillian has been a Reiki Master for 20 years and uses her knowledge of Reiki, and Crystal Energy to perform this session. It is important to meet with Gillian in person or via email or phone first. Once you have booked a time, we will contact you to complete that introduction if you have not already met. Once your session has been completed, a detailed email will be sent with what was presented in the session, and a “prescription” will be given to help continue toward a more vital state. – Please keep in mind this is not a substitute for traditional medical advice. Please speak to your Medical Doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

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