Tysa Goodrich


“Tysa has her own way of reading without cards, her energy is soft, connected and light.” ~ Mikala R, Los Angeles, California
"I had a wonderful reading with Tysa. She gave me answers to many questions and doubts that I had. I was impressed how accurate she can be, and I am grateful for her advice. I can't wait to have another reading with her soon. She gave me a clear understanding of my life purpose, hope and peace." ~ Luisa V, Santa Clarita, California
"Tysa gave me the greatest gift at each of my parents' passing -- she was able to describe people she could not have known about: the deceased relatives who greeted my parents as they arrived on the other side." ~ Dale C, Mexico City, Mexico

About Tysa Goodrich


Tysa brings several elements to her readings. She is an intuitive counselor, empath, medium, and channel. She accesses information from your spiritual guides to assist you along your life path. She carries with her an array of crystals to help focus the information and set the resonance for your reading.

From a very early age Tysa could sense beyond the familiar, and was highly creative. Following a traumatic experience as a little girl, she began to shut down her sensitivities, except through her relationship with music. It wasn’t until later, while she was touring in the late 1970s as a rock keyboardist/singer/songwriter, that she started to reopen to her intuitive gifts. She began meditating on the road, and devouring every book she could find on dreaming and metaphysical concepts. She established a private practice as an intuitive spiritual counselor and empathic medium in 2000. She has been a guest, as well as co-hosted numerous metaphysical radio programs.

As an empathic medium, Tysa is able to feel and communicate the difficult and tender feelings on both sides while creating a sacred space for healing. She can help initiate deeper levels of personal connection between you and your departed loved ones, or with those in transition.

As an Intuitive counselor, her clairvoyant abilities are utilized for bridging communication with your spiritual guidance, offering important messages of personal growth. Tysa works with you on clearing what blocks you from your dreams. She also helps you open to where you need more love and healing.

EMPATHIC MEDIUM: Tysa’s sensitivity to the presence of spirit and her ability as an empath enables her to experience & communicate the difficult & tender feelings on both sides while creating a sacred space for healing, and initiates deeper levels of personal connection between you and your departed loved ones, should they wish to be heard, or with those in transition.

TRANCE CHANNEL: Altogether different from medium work, channeling requires a deeper trance state. During the reading, Tysa establishes genuine relationships with your spirit guides, and brings through the information in the form of voice channeling, and in a very clear way delivers the messages directly to you. In this process Tysa removes herself more completely from the communication, closes her eyes, and allows for your personal spirit guide to come through.

ABOUT SPIRIT GUIDES: Everyone has personal spirit guides. They may come in the form of masculine or feminine counselors, angelic beings, or even as the voice in your head. The “imaginary friends” from childhood are often these very guides, as they stay with us throughout our lifetime. Children are more receptive to receiving this kind of communication from all their unseen friends.

SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR: In both her medium work and channeling of spirit guides, Tysa is able to bridge emotional connections and bring important messages of personal growth, offering perspectives from beyond what we know of ourselves and the physical world we live in. Through the communication, you can begin to understand and work with clearing what blocks you from your dreams, and discover where you need more love and healing.

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