Wendy Tarot


TESTIMONIALS: “Time and again Wendy has given me insight which, as the situation has unfolded, has proven to be correct. Wendy has helped me immeasurably to proceed successfully with my business decisions. She has explained what the other party has been planning, just like getting insider information, so that I have been able to avoid potential pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities.”- Phil C, business owner “Wendy doesn’t know it yet, but something she said happened the other day and when she predicted it in my reading, all I could think was - no way. But she was right!” - Kerry

About Wendy Tarot


Wendy is very enthusiastic about the tarot which she has been teaching since 1989. Every class is fun and she is still having a blast. Every person is different, every shuffle is different and every reading is different. It is fascinating to watch each story unfold in its own unique way as she demonstrates layouts on the cork board for student volunteers. Wendy is proud of the caliber of readers she has trained – some of whom have chosen to become professionals in their own right.
Wendy holds certificates in:
Holistic Healing ~ Acupressure ~ Reiki (she is a Reiki Master)
Advanced Practitioner in the EMF Balancing technique

Wendy teaches Tarot and Stress Buster workshops. She offers Tarot readings as well as “CLEAN UP WITH T.P.” T.P. is one hour of Tarot and Polarity combined. This generates a vortex of psychic energy through the Polarity Balancing which will enhance the Tarot part of your session. For the first half hour you relax on a massage table, fully clothed, for the Polarity experience (which balances you from head to toe, back to front, and side to side). The second half hour is devoted to your Tarot reading.

I desire to help people feel better about themselves physically, mentally and spiritually through my knowledge and skills as a psychic tarot reader and an energy worker. I want to make it a brighter day for someone somewhere every day.

Please email [email protected] or call 818-275-2174 to book a session with Wendy!